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The habilitation thesis of PD Dr. Roland Happ was awarded the prize of the Käthe and Ulrich Pleiß Foundation. The title of the habilitation thesis is "The influence of the migration background on different facets of economic knowledge - implications for economic didactics". The prize money is 3,000 €.

Further information can be found on the foundation's homepage:

In Management and Economics, Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz (JGU) achieved excellent results in the current CHE Ranking which was published by the Zeit Studienführer 2020/2021

Based on feedback from the students, the department 03 is in the top group for four indicators. JGU is ranked better than average with regard to general learning environment, support, exams, and program organization. For the support of new students and for the chance to complete the Bachelor program in time, Management and Economics are ranked in the national top group.

In addition, the researchers in Accounting, Finance and Management show strong achievements in the indicator for publications.


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GSME Annual Review 2018/2019
Master Degree Programs have outstanding national ranking

The CHE University Ranking 2017/18 confirms that the Master Degree Programs in Business Administration and Economics at the JGU have an outstanding national ranking, with top ratings in the student survey and the fact indicators. Both business administration and economics have managed this in the areas of transition to the master's program, studyability, support in studies, mentoring, occupational orientation and examinations. In addition, the economics master was able to place itself overall in terms of the study situation and on the courses offered in the top group, the business administration with regard to the IT equipment and the support for studying abroad.

Taking into account the average for all universities, the JGU is rated above average in business administration and economics, particularly in the area of ​​examinations (for example with regard to the transparency of the examination system). Business administration scores significantly better than the national average in terms of occupational relevance. Economics scores  significantly better than the national average in terms of scientific connection. Thus, more than 90% of the surveyed master's students rank the occupational relevance of the imparted qualifications and the assistance in the transition to work (through Career Services etc.) in business administration as very good or good, over 90% of the master students in economics rank the teaching of the ability to specialist discussions and the ability to own critical reflection as very good or good one.

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Fabienne Pradella and Juditha Wójcik win awards at conferences

Fabienne Pradella and Juditha Wójcik, both from the Chair of Statistics and Econometrics, won awards for their work at recent conferences. Juditha Wójcik won the award for the best paper at the CINCH Academy – the Essen Summer School in Health Economics 2017 – for her paper “Did the 1918 Influenza Pandemic cause Long-Term Consequences? A Systematic Analysis of 117 IPUMS International Census data sets”, which is joint work with Sebastian Vollmer from Göttingen.
Fabienne Pradella won the award for the best poster in the domain of epidemiology at the 2017 conference of the GMDS (German Association for Medical Informatics, Biometry and Epidemiology) for her poster on the research project “Effects of in-utero exposure to Ramadan in Germany: A survey study among pregnant Muslim women”, which she conducted together with Birgit Leimer, Reyn van Ewijk (both from the Chair of Statistics and Econometrics), Anja Fruth and Annette Queißer (both from our university’s medical faculty).

Phil Saunders Best Research Paper Award

The Paper of Dr. Roland Happ and Prof. Dr. Manuel Förster to the 2017 Council for Economic Education’s Annual Financial Literacy and Economic Education Conference in New York was the runner-up (second place) for the Phil Saunders Best Research Paper Award given annually by the National Association of Economic Educators (NAEE). The Paper has the title “How vocational training and a secondary school economics class influence young adults’ knowledge and understanding of personal finance in Germany”. The judges commented on the rigorous and timely work that the two researchers are doing in Germany, and encourage to continue the outstanding contributions to the economic education field.

Most downloaded textbook in Economics

There has been a lot of discussion in recent years about Open Access, i.e. about publishing scientific results without any access restrictions. There are a lot of examples for publications, which date much older than this discussion, that are freely available. One such publication is the textbook "Applied Intertemporal Optimization" by Klaus Wälde. It is a textbook on optimization methods with a focus on economic applications. It covers discrete and continuous time setups in both deterministic worlds and in worlds with uncertainty. Different parts of it can be and have been used in Bachelor programmes, Master programmes and for PhD courses. The textbook is available at www.waelde.com/aio.

This book has now become the most downloaded textbook in economics according to RePEc. To cite RePEc.org, "RePEc is a collaborative effort of hundreds of volunteers in 93 countries to enhance the dissemination of research in Economics and related sciences." Despite its name (RePEc = Research Papers in Economics), this database also offers textbooks.

The textbook Applied Intertemporal Optimization had been online ever since the first drafts were available. Downloads have been measured since 2009. It has always been among top downloads measured by downloads over the previous month, previous three months or year. As was to be expected since some time, it is now the most downloaded textbook. The number of downloads surpasses e.g. many prestigious issues of the Handbooks in Economics Series. For details see here.

The author hopes that the number of downloads reflects the usefulness for the readers in advancing their learning and pushing our understanding of the functioning of society and of the world as a whole.