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Why start an Early Study of Business and Economics at Mainz University?

Nothing is as diverse as real life. Economics make up a central part of private and public life. Positive and negative consequences of global economy are reflected on the labor market and in public as well as in private daily life. The approaches of economics facilitate a better assessment of global connections and events. They also permit prognoses based on empirical data and the development of alternative actions.
Tools from the field of Business and Economics help to improve the understanding of human behavior and help to make and analyze important public as well as private decisions. Choosing to study Business and Economics is for sure a good and future-oriented decision!

There are comprehensive and good chances on the job market in the field of Business and Economics: Marketing, management, consulting, controlling, market research, banks, financial services, accounting, human resources, politics, organizations, economic research, non-profit sector etc.

Early Studies Offer Diverse Advantages
  • University studies without pressure
  • Orientation for later choice of subject
  • Getting used to the university’s organizational structure
  • Early studies are always free of charge
  • Accreditation of courses for future university studies
  • Duration of later university studies can be reduced
Early Studies Nonetheless Mean Much Time and Effort
  • The classes missed at school have to be caught up by the early students individually
  • Content and timely volume of exams and tests is usually not reduced
  • No accreditation of university achievements at school
  • Usually one day of school is missed per week
  • Intensive university studies
  • Studying for exams (university)
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