Studying in Mainz

Mainz: A Unique Place to Live and Study!

A city full of good-humored and friendly locals, Mainz really has a lot to offer: the fascinating culture of the Rhineland, a host of things to see and do, hoards of pubs, the excitement of the Fastnacht carnival, wine, song and not to forget all the delights of the Rhine-Main region. What is it that makes this area such a great place to live? Its location close to many attractive employers, its proximity to Frankfurt airport, its superb public transport network and its stunning surroundings, such as the Rheingau wine region and the Taunus and Hunsrück Mountains – to name but a few!
With a total of over 34,500 students from over 130 countries, the Johannes Gutenberg-University Mainz is the fifth-largest university in Germany. Over 550 professors conduct research and teach at the university’s 150 institutes and clinics. Their work encompasses various interdisciplinary methods, using ideas and technologies in an innovative way and thus living up to the reputation of Johannes Gutenberg, whom the University was named after.

Nearly All Departments Together on one Campus

As a classic, full-range university, the Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz offers students a broad range of programs covering nearly the entire spectrum of subject areas. From Law and Economics to Social Sciences, the Arts and the Sciences (including Dentistry), Mainz has also integrated Music, Visual Arts and Sports into its range of courses; the only higher education institution in the whole of Germany to do so. The Department for Translation and Interpreting Studies, Linguistics and Cultural Studies, situated in the town of Germersheim, trains students in the art of translation and interpreting for a wide range of languages.

What is it like to study on the green campus at the Gutenberg School of Management and Economics?

  • The Department of Law, Business and Economics is located right at the heart of the campus in a modern building suitably equipped with all the latest technologies, as well as being a great place to relax between classes.
  • There are all sorts of other places nearby where you can go to chill out, like the unique Botanical Garden, meadows where you can soak up the sun, cafés and pubs on campus.
  • Numerous parking spaces on the university grounds.
  • Free, high-speed Wi-Fi network covering the whole campus available to all students and employees of the university
  • In addition to the main canteen, the Department of Law, Business and Economics also has its own canteen run by the Mainz Student Union.
  • The campus is just a 5 minute bus ride from the city center (or 15 minutes on foot)
  • 1. FSV Mainz 05, Mainz’s premier football team, has its stadium right next door to the campus.
  • Superb public transport service (bus, train, car, bike), student accommodation right on campus or in direct proximity.
Information on the Start of your Studies

The Gutenberg School of Management and Economics has put together a presentation especially for the start of the semester to tell you all about the programs on offer, various research activities, student organizations, the city of Mainz and student life on campus. You can download the presentation (in German) here.