Early Studies Courses

Recommended Courses

The Gutenberg School of Management and Economics stands for a broad variety of courses. The recommended courses for early students consist of a selection of compulsory courses of the Bachelor of Science degree course.
Variations from the recommended courses are of course possible. You can look forward to meeting very open-minded and cooperative lecturers.

In the following list you will find recommended courses which are especially suitable for early students of Business and Economics.

  • Marketing: An introduction to marketing: How do you sell products? Marketing tools, market research, demand behavior et al.
  • Electronic Data Processing: An introduction to electronic data processing (data organization, data modeling, system design et al.), business information systems.
  • Introduction to Economics: topics discussed in an Introduction to Economics include amongst others different market forms, basics of supply and demand et al.
  • Financial Reporting: profit and capital accounting based on legal regulations: balance, stock, double-entry accounting et al.
  • Management Accounting: basics of cost accounting and results accounting: cost-type-, cost-center-, cost-unit accounting, direct costing.