Minor in Management and Economics (B.Sc.)

Management and Economics as a minor to a BA or MA course in Humanities or Social Sciences is designed according to the BA in Economic Science and is divided into a first and second division. During the first division an overview of main elements of Economic Sciences is given and major methods are taught. The second division facilitates a focus on a Business Administration or Economics discipline.

First Division

The courses of the first division are divided into the three fields Business Administration, Economics and Methods.

Business Administration:

Three of the six offered Business Administration classes have to be completed with a written exam (cf. module book “Basics in Business Administration I and II”). Each individual course must be passed, that is each individual grade must be 4.0 at least.


The course ‘Introduction to Economics’ and one of the three remaining Economics classes have to be completed with a written exam (cf. module book “Basics of Economics I and II”). Each individual course must be passed with an individual grade of 4.0 at least.


In the field of Methods one course has to be completed with a written exam graded at least 4.0 (cf. module book “Fundamental Methods”).

Second Division

Two courses from the elective modules Finance & Accounting, Marketing & Management or International Economics have to be passed in a written exam with a grade average of at least 4.0 (cf. module book “Specialization I, II and III”).


A total of eight written exams have to be passed. Each exam can be repeated twice. If an exam is not passed in all attempts and the above mentioned conditions are not met, the studies of Management and Economics must be discontinued. Failed attempts will be counted in when changing over to another degree course in Economic Sciences.

Course of Studies

Taking exams in the second division is only allowed after having gained 32 credits in the first division (recommendation of the faculty: module “Methodical Basics”, class “Introduction to Economics” from the module “Basics of Economics”). There is no binding course of studies during the individual divisions.