Most programs are taught in German language. However, the number of courses taught in English is increasing continuously.

For English-Speaking students, the M. Sc. International Economics and Public Policy offers a master degree program in economics which is taught in English and does not require any German language skills.

Bachelor of Science

The B.Sc. programs in Management & Economics and Business Education are targeted at highly motivated high-school graduates who look for a diverse, internationally oriented education. Offering a sound theoretical and methodological basis, the programs prepare students for various careers in business and public institutions. An optimal study environment helps in keeping up with the three year schedule of the Bachelor's degree program.

B. Sc. Management and Economics

B. Sc. Business Education

Master of Science, Master of Education

An advanced academic education as documented by a M.Sc. or M.Ed. degree opens the way towards challenging careers in management, administration, research and teaching.

M. Sc. Accounting and Finance

M. Sc. Management

M. Sc. International Economics
and Public Policy

M.Sc. Quantitative Decision Making
in Economics and Management

M. Sc. Business Education

M. Ed. Business Education