International Degree Programs

The Johannes Gutenberg-University offers many international opportunities. As a particular highlight, the Johannes Gutenberg-University offers unique integrated study programs with partner universities in other countries for students of law, economics, or business administration. For these degrees, students rotate through semester or yearly exchanges in Mainz and the partner city. Students earn the so-called double degree, i.e. a degree from the University of Mainz and a second degree from the partner university.

Franco-German Bachelor in Management and Economics

Students spend 2 years in Mainz and one year in Paris. Upon graduation, students receive a German Bachelor's degree and a French Licence .

Contact: Prof. Dr. Klaus Wälde

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Franco-German Master Double Degree Program

Starting in the academic year 2021/22, we offer a Master Double Degree program in cooperation with the IAE Clermont Auvergne School of Management at the University of Clermont Auvergne (UCA). Each winter semester, up to four students are admitted to enrol in the 2-year program, spending their first year in the International Economics and Public Policy program in Mainz and their second year in the International Audit, Economics and Finance program in Clermont-Ferrand. The program’s language of instruction is English at both institutions.

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Polish-German Master Double Degree Program

Students have the opportunity to take part in the Master Double Degree Program in cooperation with our partner university Warsaw School of Economics (SGH Warsaw), Poland’s leading university in the field of economics and management. Students spend their first year in the Accounting and Finance, Management or MIEPP program in Mainz and their second year in Warsaw, where they may choose the specialization “Management” or “Finance and Accounting”. At SGH Warsaw, the program’s language is English. In Mainz, only the MIEPP program and selected courses in Accounting, Finance, and Management are offered in English, most other courses are taught in German.

Contact: Prof. Dr. Daniel Schunk

More information on the MIEPP double degree program

More information on the Accounting and Finance double degree program (in German)

More information on the Management double degree program (in German)

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