The Teaching and Learning Environment

The Gutenberg School of Management and Economics (GSME) is just a stone’s throw from all the university’s main facilities, adding to the unique character of the campus at Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz. From here, students can get an insight into areas of study completely different to their own, helping to break down the barriers between subject areas. What’s more, the city center is just a short bus journey away, while the campus itself is fully equipped with ample parking.

A dedicated and motivated team of lecturers form an ideal support base for students over a wide range of courses. By deciding to study here, you will be joining a community of dedicated students in an internationally renowned department which also offers an attractive range of Masters’ and Doctorate programs.


In addition to the university’s main library, which is just a two minute walk from the Gutenberg School of Management and Economics (GSME), the GSME is also equipped with one of the university’s biggest departmental libraries. The main library is currently open from 8 am until 10 pm every day of the week. The department’s own library is open until 8 pm from Monday to Friday.

Both libraries are constantly investing in new books so that the latest publications and most recent editions are always available. If you feel certain books or titles are missing, feel free to inform the librarians about your suggestions.

Each of the departmental libraries and the university’s main library is equipped with numerous private study areas where you can work without disruption. However, there are also separate rooms set aside for group work. Thanks to the large number of libraries, you have a huge range of books and journals at your disposal. In addition, you also have access to various digital resources via your university computer account. This allows you to search through various literature resources easily, as well as granting you access to an even bigger collection of journals and books.

Equipment in the Lecture Halls and IT Areas

Both the Law, Business and Economics buildings, as well as the university’s own IT center are fully equipped with a large number of computer stations with printer access, all of which have direct access to the internet. You are also able to access the university’s computer applications from home: all you need to do is set up a VPN connection and then you are free to log in to the university system from home using your university user account.

The computer labs are all new and fully equipped with the latest technologies, including a fixed projector. A large majority of the lecture rooms are fitted with fixed projectors, speakers, microphones, overhead projectors, Wi-Fi access and more. The university’s own Wi-Fi network provides full internet access across the whole campus.

The ever-popular IT center offers numerous free IT courses covering a range of different subjects.